I must say that orange juice tastes very, very good.

All I needed to feel full this morning was about 4 oz. of fresh squeezed OJ, and a medium size grapefruit. Yes, I dipped chunks of the grapefruit in maple syrup, since I figured, I’d need the extra calories – without adding more bulky food. Plus, I am not big on things that taste very sour.

It was a great night, although I am a bit tired this morning. I really should have slept until 7:30, instead waking up at the usual 6:20.

There was no need to visit the bathroom this morning, which is a welcome change as well.

It’s time to start work, since I am probably going to take longer lunch to cook my soup. 🙂


OK, I was too quick to speak. About half an hour after my breakfast, I had to make a trip to the bathroom. My stomach was grumbling… probably wondering what the heck just happened with this not-entirely-liquid-stuff making its way towards it. 🙂

And now, it will get more…


That was one amazing soup 🙂 I had about 3/4 of a medium bowl of soup with a few veggies (couldn’t help myself). The veggies were very well cooked – they practically fell apart in my mouth, except for the beets, which were soft, but still slightly crunchy.

I made sure to eat very slowly and really savor the taste and the texture.

Volume-wise this was equivalent to perhaps 3 cups of lemonade, but calorie-wise it was either on par, or less. I can feel it in my stomach, which does not appear to be too happy, but it’s not hurting, just making noises.

After I finished the soup, I could not help myself and popped a frozen strawberry in my mouth. Mmmm… 🙂


I had few more frozen strawberries throughout the afternoon. At 16:00, I started to feel quite hungry, but instead of juicing an orange, I decided to just eat one. I took a good 10 minutes to enjoy it – it was that good.

And about 30 minutes ago I had my dinner – or another serving of soup. Unfortunately, this time it does not agree with me too well. Hopefully, it will soon pass, but I’ve decided that I will not be making the pate tomorrow for lunch – it’s too early for that. I’ll try Thursday. Although I might stick to the original plan of having a banana strawberry shake for breakfast.

It’s certainly been a very interesting 10 days. During that time I had 73 cups of lemonade, made with 146 tablespoons of maple syrup and 146 tablespoons of fresh squeezed lemon juice. This resulted in total consumption of about 7,900 calories, during a period I’d normally need about 18,000. No wonder I feel lighter 🙂

Aside from the fun I had tasting things again today, it was quite an unremarkable day. My hands are still dry, but less than yesterday. I also have not had any issues with my hands itching… something I have just noticed, and now that I am thinking about it, they will probably start to bother me soon. 😉

This will probably be my last daily entry, but like I did after my first Master Cleanse, I am going to post an update in a few days. That will be a better time to summarize my experience.


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